Custom Online Course & Testing System

Created for our client Stark Lane, Inc.

We were asked to create a custom online training system that allows the administrators to create accounts (admins, managers and employees) along with being able to assign documents (drag and drop multiple files at once and system automatically titles them in the system), FAQs, links, videos, tests and full courses that employees have access to via their user-friendly dashboard. Employees can see what they've already completed because the system automatically tracks their progress and shows them visually in each area what's already been downloaded, viewed, etc. Managers may run reports on their employees along with assign courses and reset already completed tests - tests are automatically graded and displayed upon test completion.

Front end and back end are both built using responsive design in mind and the system comes packed with easy to use features that allows for a fluid training system that can be grown in the future without an issue. We created this system using the most recent technology and is written using PHP version 7.3 and mySQL as the back-end database.

Full Featured Admin Dashboard

Manage everything from accounts to individually assigned documents, FAQs, links, videos, course tests and much more. The admins may assign specific employee accounts as Manager Level allowing them to run reports, assign courses and reset tests for accounts under them.

Manager and Employee Dashboards

Employee managers and employees both have access to their own dashboards that allow them to download assigned or public documents, review FAQs, browse links, watch videos, take courses and tests (tests are automatically graded and reported on by both Admins and Account Managers.

Run Reports, Reset Past Test Results & More

Run data based reports on all employees and managers (as Admin level) or if you have Account under you and you're at Manager level you may run reports, reset past test results for specific employees and also assign courses to any accounts under your account with ease.