Buy and Sell Airline Miles

A Transactional Airline Miles System

Our client had an outstanding business concept and was interested in some type of avenue that would allow them to bring together everything they do in one consolidated online system. The company had capitalized on the ability to buy and sell airline miles and not only was in the need of a front end system but additionally had to have a management system that would allow them to manage all incoming leads, drop-in forms that may be used on multiple sites, pricing of airline miles and ranges of maximums and minimums of miles that may be purchased, ability to run detailed date based reports, manage the public forms in regards to listing of airlines along with displaying minimus and many more features.

We were eager to create them a beautiful system that for over the last 5 years has worked fluidly and allowed their organization to flourish. When we created the system we developed it with the ability to scale and because of that they have an online business that can be added onto or changed easily.

Full Featured Admin Dashboard

Manage everything from accounts to individually assigned documents, FAQs, links, videos, course tests and much more. The admins may assign specific employee accounts as Manager Level allowing them to run reports, assign courses and reset tests for accounts under them.

Beautiful Front End Management

Run data based reports on all employees and managers (as Admin level) or if you have Account under you and you're at Manager level you may run reports, reset past test results for specific employees and also assign courses to any accounts under your account with ease.

Ability To Place Request Form Anywhere

Place the interactive form used for requesting the buying and selling of airline miles allows our client to easily expand their presence by offering affiliate programs and also the ability to easily place the form on any new or existing site.