New Paint & Sip DIY Wood Sign Business - A New Growing Trend

The paint & sip industry is well known for canvas painting events where customers register online and show up with wine and snacks on hand to enjoy an interactive art event at a local studio or restaurant.  Many paint and sip events are also offered by mobile companies. But, there are new popular DIY spots that are getting a lot of attention in the paint & sip industry in which wood is the center of attention. 

We recently came across a rather new concept of woodworking workshops that follow the trendy canvas painting parties. Corky Boards in Nebraska, created by Angie Lewis (also owner of Corky Canvas), hosted a soft opening for family & friends on March 8th of 2016 & has been successfully hosting events ever since. Most board & brush studios offer projects at a flat fee, usually $60-$65 regardless of the size of the project. During these workshops customers will built their signs with raw wood materials. All materials are provided, and attendees will be sanding, staining, hammering, drilling, stenciling and painting their choice of designs from the ones offered by each location.

Some of these interactive sip and paint woodworking shops can be found in Frisco, Texas at Crafted, located on 8700 Main Street, Suite 150.  Another creative art spot in located in Wautousa, Wisconsin at Craftspot, located on 6228 W State Street.  If you are visiting New Jersey, take a look at DIY Uncorked Workshop with two locations in Hoboken and Morristown, NJ.  Due to the nature of these events, in which each wood board is customized, online & preregistration is required. 

For more information on advertising, consulting & developing a website for either a canvas, wood or glass paint and sip business, contact Jason Leibow at Jason Leibow is a leading website developer in the paint and sip business with over 150+ websites in the industry.


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